Halloween is the most awaited holiday all over the world, especially for kids. We tend to use items that later on, will go to a recycling bin. Let’s reduce the clutter and make some eco-friendly decor items.

I wanted to keep these DIY decorations really simple, you do not have to have a ton of skills to do it or be super artistic. We kept this very simple so everything we use was from the recycling bin, either your recycling bin or your neighbor’s recycling bin, you just need to have a bunch of cans and bottles.

The only thing I did use was a chalkboard pen. It does come in plastic but I’ve had to spend for over a year and it’s still going strong. If you don’t have a chalkboard pen you can always use a sharpie or any other type of marker. The idea behind these crafts where a lot of times DIY videos require you to use very toxic paint you know different hot glue cut things up so that they’re no longer recyclable. 

I want to recycle these things after the season so I wanted to do something that you can easily wipe off or that doesn’t really affect the recycling process.

CHALKBOARD AND EMPTY GLASS OF BOTTLE – You can find the second-hand and then you’re just gonna want to write something extra spooky and scary or you just write a Halloween phrase, “Double, double TOIL and TROUBLE.” For this craft, you are going to need a glass bottle. You can use an empty wine bottle and then just remove the label and make sure the surface is smooth before drawing on it. Draw a little ghost and then wrote, “Boo!” You can really get creative with this and draw just about anything your heart desires. It’s fine if you’re not talented. You can keep it very simple. Create whatever you want to create. On the other side of the bottle, you can write the word, “SPOOKY” or anything you like to write.

BUNCH OF CANS – Use the same chalkboard pen, however later go back and outline it in black because it didn’t really show up in certain lighting. Go ahead and just spell out Halloween. Decorate it with pumpkins.


Image and Source: The Girl Gone Green