So I found this cool idea from the internet about making these lovely personalized refrigerator magnets and I tried to make one for myself. These are like miniature snow globes with a twist.

Things you need:

Mod podge
Pretty pictures or magazines

Small round magnets

Small paint brush
Hot glue

Flat marbles “glass pebbles”

You can get the flat marbles usually in flower shops as these are used to fill in a vase or for floral displays. For the round magnets, you can purchase through Amazon or from Dollar Tree. Choose magnets that are a little smaller than most of the glass pebbles you bought.


You can choose a picture of your pet or family, cut them into small pieces that will fit the underside of the glass. Patterns from magazines would also work. Like this lovely shell picture:

When everything’s ready, trace out the glass pebble on top of the picture or the pattern of your choice. Cut the pieces to match the size of the pebble but make it a little bit smaller so the pieces don’t go all the way to the sides. You want the pictures to be “within” the bottom of the glass.

Next, apply mod podge on the bottom of the glass and glue it. Make sure you squish it down a little so it sticks. Let dry.  


Look at this adorable puppy.

After that, apply hot glue to the bottom and stick a magnet to it.

And you’re done! Pretty easy and amazing. Check out all of these other lovely works for your inspiration.

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